Master Sergeant Luis C. Tigera

Illinois State Police


Luis C. Tigera started his law enforcement career 17 years ago as a Community Service Officer with the Niles Police Department. After one year of service, he was  elevated to Dispatcher on the midnight shift. In 1985 he ended his career with Niles and started his new career with the Illinois State Police. Luis graduated from the State Police Academy and was assigned to the Toll way, District 15. After completing his probationary period, he was transferred to District 3 Chicago where he worked the Eden's and Route 53 expressways. 

In 1987 Luis was transferred to the court section and became one of District 3's Court Officer In 1989 he was transferred to the Recruitment Section and became a Recruiter. As a recruiter, Luis

began his involvement with the Hispanic community by recruiting Hispanics' to become State Troopers Luis also began his involvement with HISLEA as the Sergeant at Arms. He was elected Vice President and subsequently President, where he served two terms. During his tenure as President, HISLEA increased in membership as well as becoming a more credible organization amongst other police organizations, but more importantly, with the law enforcement community. HISLEA became nationally recognized when it became a member of a National Police Organization. In 1991 Luis was transferred to the State Police Director’s staff. In 1993 Luis was promoted to the rink of' Sergeant and also graduated from Western Illinois University, Board of Governor's program with a Bachelor's of Arts Degree. As a member of the director's staff, Luis worked closely with the EEO office to ensure that qualified minorities were being considered for entry levels positions, promotions and appointments to policy making positions. Additionally, he had the opportunity to network with law enforcement executives to discuss HISLEA’s goals and objectives and any Hispanic concerns. In 1994, Luis was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant.

In 1995, he graduated from Lewis University with a Master's in Science Degree, was transferred to a newly formed Gang Tactical Unit as a Team Leader, graduated from the FBI National Academy and was appointed by Governor Jim Edgar to the Governor's Commission on Gangs. Luis is currently an Acting Lieutenant/Group Supervisor with the Tactical Operations Group and continues his involvement with HISLEA by being voted as a Board Member the past four years.

HISLEA recognizes Luis' achievements; he has assisted in enhancing the careers of numerous HISLEA members, has attained his educational goals and has become a positive role model for young aspiring Hispanic officers.  HISLEA is proud to honor Luis C. Tigera.


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