Deputy Superintendent Joseph A. DeLopez

Chicago Police Department

Congratulations Joseph A. DeLopez on his recent promotion to Deputy Superintendent, Bureau of Technical Services, Chicago Police Department, February 1, 2000.  This Bureau is responsible for the Department's technical and support functions. These diverse responsibilities involve buildings, vehicles, equipment and supply, internal communications systems, including telephones, faxes and document processing, evidence and recovered property, some crime laboratory functions, auto pound, and detention and transportation of arrestees.

Deputy Superintendent DeLopez was currently the Deputy Chief of Patrol Division Administration for the Chicago Police Department.  His responsibilities included coordinating the review and 

implementation of Chicago's Alternative Policing Strategy, Known as C.A.P.S., and overseeing all Patrol Division Administration functions for the 25 districts and special units consisting of 10,000 department members.

Prior to his assignment as Deputy Chief, he was the commander of the 23rd district (Town Hall).  His responsibilities included directing the community level implementation of C.A.P.S. and delivering  public safety services in a culturally and economically diverse community along the shores of Lake Michigan.  His other assignments as a commander included the Training Academy and districts 10 and 14 (which are predominantly Hispanic communities).

Deputy Superintendent DeLopez is uniquely qualified for his responsibilities.  As a police officer with over twenty eight years of service, he has risen through the ranks and has the ideal combination of a wealth of practical experience backed up by impressive educational credentials.  He began his career as a patrolman in the Shakespeare district before moving to the elite Special Operations Group.  As a sergeant, he served as a watch commander in the Major Traffic Accident Section as well as Area 4 youth.

After being promoted to lieutenant, Deputy Superintendent DeLopez returned to service in the 13th and 20th districts before being named Commanding officer of Area 5 Youth.  He has been extremely successful in working with community groups.  As Commander of the 14th and 20th districts, he received numerous awards for his dedicated service to the community.

During this time, Deputy Superintendent DeLopez took the time to supplement his bachelors degree at the University of Illinois - Chicago and a Masters in Public Administration from Lewis University.  He has also completed a certificate in Police Administration at the Traffic Institute of Northwestern University, and he has attended the Senior Management Institute for Police in Boston.  He also finds the time to be a dedicated husband and father to five children.


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