Victor Jesus Garcia is of Mexican descent.  He is currently enrolled at the University of Illinois, Chicago and is majoring in History.  Victor Garcia graduated from Archbishop Quigley High School with a cumulative grade point average of 3.76 on a 4.0 scale.  Victor grew up in the town of Cicero and was active in his local Catholic church, Mary Queen of Heaven.  Victor currently coaches cross-country/track at the high school level.  Sometime after graduating from high school Victor enlisted in the Marines and has served our country for the last four years in Iraq.  Victor has been sent to combat in Iraq on three separate occasions, and is currently a reservist.  He is known by his fellow marines as “Brain.”  Victor became the squad leader of his unit after his previous supervisor was killed in action during in his second month in Iraq. Victor courageously “rallied the squad in the wake of this loss” in the months that followed.  He has the ability to instill confidence in others and excel when faced with a challenge. He leads by example and is a “person of uncanny versatility and maturity.”  During combat, Victor was meritoriously promoted and was described by a fellow marine as a person who perseveres when challenged.  Victor hopes to pursue a career with the FBI once he has completed his Bachelors Degree.  This scholarship will assist Victor in reaching that goal.