Scholarship Information

We will begin accepting applications in the SUMMER 2018.

SCHOLARSHIP PACKETS SHOULD BE POSTMARKED BY TBD in order to be eligible for review.

A cover page must be included with the following information:

Full Name

Mailing Address and Phone number


Name of College or University you are currently or will be attending

Also included in the packet should be the following:

An official transcript

A 2-3 page double spaced essay

Three (3) Letters of Recommendation


1) Applicants must be enrolled or will be enrolled as a full time student in a college or university;

2) Applicants must have achieved a minimum Grade Point Average of 4.0 on a 5.0 scale or 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, as evidenced from an official school transcript;

3) Applicants must submit an essay describing their service to the Latino community, leadership qualities, and how the scholarship will assist them achieve their goals;

4) Applicants must also obtain one (1) letter of recommendation from the community service leader from which you volunteer, one (1) letter of recommendation from a current school faculty member and one (1) personal letter of recommendation.


Hispanic Illinois State Law Enforcement Association
P.O. Box 470086
Chicago, IL 60647-0086

If you have questions or require assistance email

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